Global GT Limited, formed in 2011,
brought together Enzo Design and
Rally Sport, combining them with the
Global GT race car series. Bringing
the manufacturing under one roof.

Global GT Lights, formed in 1998, was one of
the founding motorbike engined race cars.
The brainchild of Graham Hathaway the original
Global GT Lights had a 600cc Yamaha 4 cylinder
engine take from the Thundercat sports bike.
It wasn't long before the desire for more power
brought about the Global GT1, using the Yamaha
motorcycle engine, taken from the 1000cc R1.

Rally Sport, formed in 2000, specialised
in the Ford RS 200 Group B rally car.
Starting from the chance purchase of a
fire damaged RS 200. We quickly acquired
the original Ford tooling, used by Reliant,
to manufacture the all Fibreglass body work
of the RS 200. Soon after our attention was
drawn to the Aluminium Honeycomb chassis,
these were made by Arch Motors in Cambridge.
As Arch motors had no details remaining of how
and what the chassis was we set about reverse
engineering the complete chassis including the
steel front and rear subframes. Rally Sport
continues to service and restore Ford RS 200.s.

Our design studio, formed in 2004. Originally
started making tuning and styling bodywork
for the Ferrari 360, soon the companies direction
turned to making copies of the complete body
and fitting them to the Toyota MR2 roadster.
The underlying desire was to manufacture our
our own car, called the Amillim, so a long process
started. In a bid to learn from others mistakes we
decided to laser scan a Toyota MR2, which we
knew well, then in CAD draw a body resembling
the then new Ferrari F430 Spyder.
A 5 year spell was spent understanding the truth's
of Laser Scanning, CAD designing, and then CNC
mould machining.
Having mastered these disciplines our
attention then turned to the complicated side of
manufacturing processes, from Gnat time charts
to Plastic injection, leading to vacuum forming
and vacuum moulding of 2 part epoxy plastics.
We learnt these process well which lead us to
make aeroplane seats for BAE, and low pressure
foam filled parts. It is this technology used in our
Wings and Things business making Rear wings
that are foam filled Plastic skinned. Expanding to
low pressure plastic injection dive planes and
diffuser strakes. We now also make foam cored
diffusers and splitters. With our specialist
knowledge and equipment we can make these
parts for any vehicle with or without existing
design or CAD data.

Automotive Facilities

Automotive repair facilities.
Automotive design and modification.
Chassis design and manufacture.
Automotive Body design, CNC mould,
Low volume composite manufacture.

Automotive repair facilities.
Global laser alignment accident repair Jig.
Nova Verta quad push through booths.
Mipa Waterbased and 2K solids mixing schemes.
Autoline 4 wheel laser alignment equipment.

Automotive design and modification.
Specialist design for body styling.
Chrome painting plating for specialist auto
exterior and interior refinishing including
coloured chrome finishes.
Interior re-design from our in-house trim shop.

CAD chassis design, both tubular and our particular
specialism of aluminium or composite skinned
honeycomb cored monocoque tubs and full chassis.

Automotive in White and Class A body design.
Mould design for CNC machining in positive or
negative. Using PU, Epoxy or Foam model boards.
CNC mould or buck machining on our 2.5m by 1.5m
by 0.2m specially modified CNC milling machine.
Scale and full size model making.
Rapid Prototyping plastic parts for test or use.

Low volume bodywork design and manufacture.
specialist plastic part design and manufacture.
Interior foam former design and manufacture.
GRP, Kevlar and Carbon Fibre design.
Composite pattern making through manufacturing.
Resin and polyurethane vacuum or low pressure
injection into composite or silicone moulds.
Specialist body styling and aero tuning kits,

Specialist Facilities

Engine and Alloy wheel bespoke
Design and CNC Manufacture.
Autoclave and Rapid Prototyping.
Laser Scanning-Reverse Engineering
Aero Dynamic Design and Testing.

CAD design and low volume CNC machining of
bespoke engine blocks and sumps predominately
for use with Motorcycle cylinder heads and barrels.

CAD design and Bespoke CNC manufacture of billet
and 3 piece split rim alloy wheels to 24" diameter.
Import and supply of special alloy wheels from
American, Australia, and Japan.

Composite part manufacture in our Autoclave
measuring 1.5m by .75m diameter.
Rapid Prototyping of low volume parts or
test parts and Aero Dynamic modelling.

Laser scanning for both reverse engineering
and component design. We can reverse engineer
no longer available parts and supply lost wax
models for single or low volume casting through
to wooden buck making for aluminium body panels
on historic cars. We can even create parts from
photographs or opposite side existing parts.

Laser scanning and digitising for new part design
specialising in packaging problems within the
motorsport industry, typical applications
include radiator ducting, intake manifolds,
exhaust manifold and system packaging,
brake ducting and roll cage design.

Scale and full size model making typically for
Aero Dynamic testing in wind-tunnels, or for
product placement and design demonstration.
CAD design and CFD testing for Aero Dynamic,
heat transfer and product stress testing
along with part Kinetics and deployment.