Project Global GT Furi, Body Design, Mould Design and CNC Machine.

  • The original Global GT Light body and engine overlaid onto the chassis Data Acquisition. Initially we created the CAD data of the chassis and all the individual parts required to make a Global GT Furi.
  • The new Global GT Furi body over the original body line drawing and the chassis 3D CAD Body design.
    Now the body was created using Nurbs modelling in Rhino 3D laid over the info for the chassis and mechanicals.
  • The new rear wing sectioned and ready for mould CNC machining Mould Design. Having designed the body we now need to separate it into the various moulds required to manufacture the bodies.
  • A breakdown of the other sections required to make a rear wing Creating the CNC Moulds After designing the mould sections it is necessary to break each one down into CNC machinable parts.
  • CNC machine code, our program has a visualization system to check for problems CNC Machining Coding. Now we create the machine code offline. For each section of the mould we have to create "roughing" and "finishing" paths.
  • The parts actually being CNC machined CNC Machining. With the CNC code loaded into our milling machine the sections of the moulds are machined.
  • Then the sections have to be assembled Mould Assembly. The sections of each mould, now machined, are assembled into their full mould section this is called the "buck". After gluing them together a light hand sanding takes place to remove burs and then it is painted with a special primer.
  • Finally assembled and painted to a high finish The Finished CNC Buck. Having assembled the sections, and primed them another light hand sanding takes place to remove any small marks. Then the final stage before making the moulds, we paint each buck to get a highly polished finish.