Project Global GT Furi: Mould Manufacture, through to Product Manufacture.

  • Polishing the buck to a high standard, requires 5 to 8 coats The First Stage. having made our "buck" we now have to polish it to a high standard, a minimum 5 of coats making sure each is polished off.
  • Applying gel coat, for moulds we use yellow Second Stage.
    The first of 2 coats of gelcoat is applied, each coat is flowed out nicely and special attention paid to edges and corners.
  • The first layer of GRP has to be applied very carefully to ensure a good mould surface. Third Stage. With the gel coat cured. Next we lay up the GRP, a single layer first with a slow cure mix to avoid heat distortion.
  • Once first layer is applied the remaining GRP layers can be applied in multiples Fourth Stage. With the first layer cured it protects the buck, so now we can lay up 3 layers at a time to a total weight of 3000 gsm,(10oz)
  • releasing the mould from the buck Fifth Stage. Time to separate the mould from the buck, with the careful use of plastic wedges and a big hammer!
  • Preparing the new mould section Sixth Stage. The removed mould now requires all the edges to be trimmed back to remove the material that was left to droop past the point that the mould needed to be trimmed back to, a level that was marked on the buck.
  • Highly polishing the mould before first use Seventh Stage. The finished mould now needs to be highly polished before first use, between five and eight layers of mould release wax are applied and polished off each time, if any wax remains it will cause the part being made to stick to the mould.
  • A lightweight test part is made from the mould first Eight Stage. Before Product Manufacture, to check accuracy, we make a full mould copy and laser scan it, checking the data against the original CAD. Once this stage is passed we move onto part manufacture, first applying a gel coat, then the layer(s) of GRP followed with any stiffeners, we make templates for the cut of these layers to maximise accuracy and produce parts both fit for purpose and identical.