Truly Bespoke Vehicles

The opportunity to have a truly bespoke vehicle is rare, mainly due to the fact that the costs have always been very high.

Here at Global GT Gmbh Ltd we are able to offer a service, all under one roof, from design to CNC mould production right to the finished painted vehicle. We can also, working with 2 partners, supply interior and wheel combinations not found anywhere else in the world.

We are not novices at this, we have invested over 7 years in testing various options and getting the ones we have to work smoothly and effortlessly to create your dream, just YOUR dream and not a massed produced cheap kit.

Designed - Built - Painted- Trimmed - All under one roof.

  • CAD Design Design Cad design for perfect fit, form and function. CGi studio to let you see the finished article. Go to Design
  • CNC Moulding Built With our laser scanning and CNC mould making facilities, body redesign takes days not months. Go to Moulding
  • Quality Re-finishing Painted Coloured chrome finishes - House of Colour - Specialist or just standard colours. Go to Refinishing
  • Re-trimming Excellence Trimmed Here we excel using our laser scanning, in-house trim shop and partner Ruskin Design. Go to Ruskin Design
  • Alloy Wheels with Distinction VAD Wheels Without wheels it rolls no where! bespoke wheels up to 14j wide-24 inches diameter
  • Turbo to the Limits Engine Tuning With the latest computer programming and dynamics packages you can have your vehicle tuned to your driving.
  • See no evil hear no evil Confidentiality We are used to working on confidential projects and have our own ConFic agreement or are happy to sign yours.
  • Delivery We can deliver, or ship cars worldwide. we have our own covered car transporter and work closely with 2 international shipping companies.