Laser Scanning

There is a lot of myth's concerning laser scanning. Here, at Global GT GmbH Ltd, we operate 3 different systems. Our knowledge, since starting using laser Scanning systems in 2004, and our approach sets us apart from any other company. We have tried different systems and integrated them with our manufacturing business, because we use the data we take the quickest option to create the end result required and don't get hung up on one approach.

Computer Aided Design

Computer Aided Design, or CAD as its commonly called. Gone are the simple line drawings, the 3 views, now overtaken by the power to create full 3 dimensional objects, and then the ability to transfer this data into the manufacturing process. We can operate with many systems and every file format, but by choice Catia for solid modelling, for example a starter motor, and Rhino for surface modelling such as a car bonnet.

CGI Photo Realistic Images

Computational Graphical Imagery to give it the proper industry name. With the advent of the 3D CAD systems it wasn't long before the desire to turn these monotone shapes into coloured images, and then with further advancements into photo realistic images brought about high end programs, these then were used in the computer game industries and soon the costs fell to levels that the home user can afford and the home computer became powerful enough.

CNC Mould Manufacturing

Whilst it was in 2002 that we purchased a large CNC machine (2.5m by 1.25m) it wasn't until 2005 that we were able to make any CNC moulds of any stature, not only did we need to understand the process of generating the code required to drive the machine we also spent many hours fitting a bespoke control system that actually produced 3D objects and not the more simple 2.5D. We also developed a 5 axis head but found that working just with the 3 axis system meant we made moulds that worked as the 5 axis gave you fantastic shapes which could have undercuts these then would become stuck in the manufacturing process.

Watch this part being machined on our Youtube channel.

Production Moulds and Accessories

You need product, whether it is for you to sell in your business or to use in your unique project, therefore you need the correct type of moulds. They need to be just right for the job to represent the best value.

Our years of mould making has lead us to a series of processes to create what is actually required. It might be that you only need 1 item for a unique project, here we can CNC machine in the negative format and pull product direct from these plugs. Alternatively you may need a great volume of product, so we can make sturdy moulds, mount them on specific cradles, and make cutting patterns so that each part comes out the same quality.

We make moulds in various materials for the production of parts in a wide range of products, from GRP to Carbon Fibre through to rubber, foam and plastics, Our particular specialism is in low pressure, or vacuum moulding.

We will also make all the items required to finish your product, with cars that we often work with, we make items such as grille formers and fixing jigs, were we fit nuts, bolts, or caps into the same position every time to allow easy fitting, increasing accuracy and therefore quality. Costly? well no because we understand the processes and have made the journey we design all these finishing items in at the beginning.