3D Virtual Reality

The new way to develop products, carry out market research and pre-release advertising.

We have been working with 3D Virtual Reality and more recently with Augmented Reality technology since 2004, back then it was limited by the need to have several computers in a cluster. Now it can be done by one Quad-Core desktop, laptop or even Iphone.

The next major hurdle to overcome was the "CAVE" technology which was how the 3D VR was shown. A CAVE is a dome that has the images project onto it. This is now a process that can be done with simple headgear and a 6 DOF (Degree's of freedom) tracker. These headgear units can be bought from 200.

The final link is the computer software.
Currently we use 3 different VR programs as each one has its own benefits and different data requirements, an important consideration as our partners will have different software creating their data.

To what end?
Well for us it was to develop a 3D VR wind tunnel, where an object being subjected to CFD (Computational Fliud Dynamics) rather than view the results on a Computer screen, you can actually walk around the object and view in dtail the air flow plots, even interupting them by holding a new part in place and moving it around with live results.

Augemented Reality


The first year Global GT Ltd offer there own 3D VR services.


Quest 3D VR, and Maxon Cinema 4D added to our list of Programs.


Virtual Reality VR, and Augmented Reality AR, programming tests start.

2010 -

Purchased Panotour Pro 3D for panorama's and walk through scene's.


Finally a headset and 6 DOF's tracker comes to market under 400 pounds.


Review of new headsets and a short review of software developments, still beyond our proposed market limtis.


Review of new programs takes place. Whilst the software now comes into the affordability level Hardware is still beyond market size and cost limits.


VR prospects shelved, investment for the then half million equipment cost prevent marketability.

2004 -

Attended digial show where a 3D projection onto a flat wall, using red and green glasses. Initial thoughts for use starts a 2 year evaluation period.

3D VR and your Business

In its simplest form as a Panorama, navigate by buttons or control the motion using the Iphone's inbuilt gyro to be uber cool.
  • Click here for a unfolded Panorama
  • Click here for a desktop Panorama
  • Click here for an Iphone Panorama
  • Design Study
    For an in-house design team to demonstrate their idea's to Management and other team members in a compelling way. Ideal to convey vision to the core project control members.
    Product Development
    Make changes to the product "on the fly" and watch the VR in some scenario's update its self automatically. Share your idea's and brief the technical side and get management approval.
    Get your idea to market fast. You can have the VR of a product long before the physical part. Previously a Rapid Prtotyped static part would be made to get the Marketing Team, or outside company, working on stratagies. Now they can get started within days of the product CAD being created, with any changes having minimal or even no cost or time implications giving you an advantage over the compertiton.
    Augmented Reality
    Your product in front of your audience
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