Production Quality Moulds

Having decided from the beginning that you want to make quantities of product from your moulds it is necessary to make production quality moulds.

Firstly we need to decide on the production material and methods available. It can range from Hand Laid to Chopper Sprayers through Resin Infusion (RIM) and onto Liquid Epoxy Plastics. For further details contact us or for a brief description return to our home page.

Not only will you need the heavier duty moulds but you will need to consider how you make your product. We produce a package with our production moulds covering all aspects. We make "cut jigs" for trimming the parts after they are removed from the moulds to an accurate and identical size and shape. "Drill jigs" to be able to accurately drill holes for fitting, or fittings not necessarily round these can be any shape for items for example side repeater indicators."Fitting jigs" to insert bolts, or nuts, or clips in the same place each time to allow for quick and easy fitting. "Grill formers" these are an inner and outer former to allow hot pressing to form grilles.

After all these items we then sit down and work out a production method, we calculate the thickness in all area's to ensure correct strength and then work out and make "patterns", these can be paper, plywood board, or just CAD line drawings for a plotter to print onto GRP or Carbon. Next we produce a path to lay these shapes up and apply time's to each section using Gantt forms giving you a full time in motion and critical path chart.

Finally we return to the original moulds and fit frameworks, and pivots on larger pieces, to allow easy turning of the mould to follow our production system. These frameworks make easy handling and makes it easier to make the parts.

The Process in Pictures

  • Production Moulds The Production Mould This was made specifically for a GRP front bumper being hand laid and sales of circa 20 a year.
  • cut jigs for accuracy Cut Jig This jig is used to trim the part. This one is to be drawn round, others can be to cut round
  • Drill jigs Drill Jig This is a plastic former that is used to drill 3 holes into the arch section.
  • Fittings jig Fitting Jig This plastic former holds the bolts in place while they are bonded in place.
  • Finished item Finished Fittings This is the finished wheel arch extension, trimmed, fittings bonded in, for easy installation.
  • Former for making a plastic grill Grill Formers Each of these 3 formers are one side of the pair required to make the grilles.
  • Templates for accurate lay up sections A set of Plywood Patterns This is a set of patterns for 1 part, written on them is the thickness + quantity required it also includes special stiffeners.
  • The finished mould with wooden supports Final Stage Finally we return to our mould and add in frames to hold the mould in the correct position making the job easier + quicker.