Follow the Design and Build

From August 2014 onwards we are working on a full car project and will update this page as each stage of the project progresses.

Parts of the project are confidential and images will be uploaded after the projects finish.

August 6th - Adding to our website a holding page
August 6th-17th - 5 meetings from 15 min to 6 hrs
August 16th and 29th - Aquire parts for moulding
August 27th - First major Update to the Website

We hope you enjoy the progress.

of a Full Vehicle project during August - December 2014.

  • The Starting Grid - Market Analasys Marketing Analasys The first stage of the project is to set out your action plan, decide on broad details and then research the sales potential.
  • Phase 2 - Setting out the Project Milsestones Project Planning Next a detailed Project is laid out. Milestones are set out to make sure the project runs on time and on budget.
  • Phase 3 - Aquasition of Loose parts Parts Aquasition Through one of our long term partners we aquire some standard parts to use as a plinth to work from.
  • Phase 4 - Data Aqasition Laser Scanning of the Vehicle Data Aquasition The genuine parts that'll assist aquaired we now move onto the CAD creation. On to scanning the parts live from the vehicle.
  • Phase 5 - Creating the Digital parts by CNC Machinig CNC Maching Data aquired, processed and now ready to CNC machine the bucks and formers to create the moulds required.
  • Phase 6 - Mould Making of all the parts Mould Making The start of the labouries side of the project. Our parts are ready to have production moulds made.
  • Phase 7 - Parts Production Production Starts Firstly we make a set of clear gel GRP panels to test the moulds and look for problems. Next we move to the finished parts manufacturing process.
  • Stage 8 - Marketing the finished Item's Sell sell sell! Once the test parts have cleared our process for production the Marketing takes over, using the intital marketing analyasis and planning to flexably guide us.