Composites our companies

Here at Global GT GmbH Ltd we have built a long relationship with composites. From our early starting's in 2000 with GRP, glass reinforced plastic, and Aluminium Honeycombs learnt from the Ford RS200. Through to our current ability with specialist epoxy's, foams, and rubbers. All our technology has been self-taught, through the ever increasing desire to resource new technologies. Our long term partner in this journey has been MouldLife, who we recommend to everyone.

path. Foams to Alloys and

Our journey has had many twists and turns and weve often revisited technologies, some because we came across them to early in our business development, others because of Industry advances. Keeping a broad overview and not being fixated on one path has meant when a new technology or process is presented to us, we evaluate it on many levels, implementation costs, market advantage, and the integration with our current developed services, before we invest.

all materials in between.

We believe that one of our greatest strengths is our ability to take on new technologies. More so the fact that after research into a technology we can stand back, evaluate our abilities, and not attempt to take it on if we are not at that time able to make full use of it. Instead we will make a long term plan to integrate parts or sub sections of this new technology and then bring it online at a time that we can make full use of it with a full understanding of it.

Keeping Technology Contamination Free.

From clean in our cutting bay --------------- to dirty in our trim bay.
Within our workshops we have a specific zones or areas for specific technologies. Keeping some items separate, and making sure that all precautions to prevent contamination exist, means we are able to deal with high quality vehicle or product paint finishes whilst also having a large silicone processing area just 10 feet away. Silicone has long be recognised as the nemesis to paint with its ability to travel airborne or via the lightest touch, much like a common cold spreads in an office, however since 2000 we have never had a problem with this.

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Prototype versus Production

When choosing a company to prototype products or services it's good to know if they have the ability to manufacture as well. Whilst we specialise in the prototype we also like to be involved in manufacturing. It's a strong value to our core business that we can manufacture everything we prototype. This manufacturing knowledge allows for decisions to be made in the early design stage to ensure a manufacturable solution is found.

Dependant on which of our services is used we have varying levels of manufacture. From vacuum formed plastics where we can process, subject to part shape, thickness and complexity, around 600 square meters per day. To the other extreme of full vehicle bodies in GRP, including Kevlar and carbon substrates, which can roll out at a rate of 1 in every 4 days.

Flexibility in our workshop, with designated areas for the control of the core, and cross contamination of differing technologies, means we can gear up for production runs as required.

Our broad understanding of manufacture means we will also design and if required make all the items required to finish your product, with cars that we often work with, we make items such as grille formers and fixing jigs, were we fit nuts, bolts, or caps into the same position every time to allow easy fitting, increasing accuracy and therefore quality. Costly? well no because we understand the processes and have made the journey we design all these finishing items in at the beginning.