Epoxy Plastic Injection

Our 2DM Epoxy Plastic Injection machine
Epoxy simulations are available for most
types of industry standard plastics.

The use of Epoxy's to simulate plastics allow for short run parts to be made economically. Whilst the epoxies themselves are more expensive than the equivalent standard plastic the advantage comes in the mould technology. Typically plastic injection takes place under many tonnes of pressure into aluminium of cast steel mould tooling of many separate parts held in a high pressure clamping and injecting machine. Suitable for high production runs these machines are designed to turn out lots of identical parts. Changing tooling and setting up a new part run can take from many hours to days.

This is where the epoxy system has the advantage. For the smallest of parts a silicone mould, simply wrapped in tape to keep it together can make many parts, whilst it can't make 1 every second it can make 1 every minute, and if you only need 10, 20 100 then the saving on the tooling will more than cover the cost of labour and the increased material cost. Not forgetting that owners of large machines probably will not entertain orders less than 100,000. For large parts such as wheel arch liners or bumpers moulds can be made in GRP and bolted together, it is even possible to take a GRP bumper and use it to make the inner and outer moulds required to produce plastic bumpers.

Standard Plastics Range


The mainstay and base type of epoxy plastic, FastCast 52 has a good impact strength suitable for mirror covers.


RenPim 5217 is a good ABS type epoxy, a fast gel time and cure rate give quick parts per minutes ratio.


RenPim 5216 has the same base as 5217 but a different curing compound giving a different cure ratio.


As with the 5216 above this is a different cure time and a slightly different chemical property.

ProClr 30

As the name suggests a clear epoxy for light units and covers can be tinted with a range of colours.

Polyol 1512

An epoxy that has good tensile strength it works well for supporting structures such as a mirror mount.

ProRgd R8

This Epoxy can be added to with frothing agents to produce light weigh, almost foam like parts ideal for headlining's and other trim parts.


All epoxies can be added to, changing the chemical structure, we can then heat treat the parts to produce a different mechanical structure as well further modify the parts potential uses.

Examples of Use's

Automotive Bumpers
Ideal for short run specials, ABS or PPE
Automotive Body Panels
From Wheel arch liners to Bonnets
Automotive Prototypes
Door Mirror's and Door Handles
Automotive Prototypes
Small parts like Headlight Adjusters
Automotive Interiors
Air vents to Door Trims
The Great Outdoors
Fishing Floats to Road Sign's
Throttle arms to Air Filter Housings
Bespoke door handles, even Chrome plated.
Pit lane
Equipment Holders
Race Cars
AeroDynamic additions
Race Cars
Inlet Manifolds
Race cars
Pipe Clips and Wiring Blocks

Examples of Parts and Moulds