Commercial vehicle Bodies

So why should you choose Global GT GmbH Ltd?
Well as with all the services we offer our unique selling point is that the complete process is carried out under one roof, design through manufacture onto interior trimming and final finishing.

At Global GT we start by making an initial layout on CAD, this can be just a square 7.5 ton Truck Body, a 12m Race Trailer or Hospitality Coach. We design lockers, generator and gas cabinets, fresh and waste water tanks, awning fittings and lights.

Now we move onto the interior layout. First we lay out specific requirements, bike, car, or kart garages and workshops. Next we insert sleeping areas, moving onto kitchens and bathrooms.

With the major layout done, and the initial design approved, we move onto specific items and design space. Working on the garage and workshop we measure all the components, taking into consideration firstly the vehicle to be transported.

So we scan in the vehicle, paying attention to ground clearance and loading requirements. Then scan in the parts required to be transported, for example, spare body panels, wheel trollies, and the tool boxes and bench sizes.

Now it's detail time. Scanning in the components that will be used, right down to gas valves, tie down hooks, drains and vents. Making full use of our facilities we even scan in the route path possibilities of each part, making sure we don't have impossible fitting problems.

Design finished and approved its manufacture time, all in-house from CNC machining the moulds, cutting and sewing the leather and all the other interior materials, onto the complete fit out and finally the outside paint or graphic finishing.

The final key, with all the design done on computer we supply full schematics of all the parts, power and water lines etc. All in an owner's manual with operation and maintenance sections.

Designed for life without compromise.

  • The Race Truck beginnings Base Design Starting with the design space, here a 7.5 tonne 28 foot box on a Mercedes Atego chassis.
  • Maximising the Hospitality Layout Working Design Now we add in all the major components, in outline form in their locations.
  • Race Transporter outside Exterior Design With our internal plan done we have to design the outside space.
  • Race Truck Laser Scanning Gathering Data Now we will gather all the CAD data for all the parts we wish to use along with the service runs.
  • Finished Race Truck design Finalising Design The final design, now approved by the customer, progresses onto the manufacturing stage.
  • Manufacturing Race Trucks Manufacturing the Exterior CNC machining negative forms to allow 1 off parts to be made direct from the machined former.
  • Fitting out Hospitality interiors Fitting out the Interior Following the design portfolio. Insulation, water, gas, 12volt and 240 volt electric, windows, doors and structures are fitted.
  • Painting Hospitality Race Trucks Final Finish With all the manufacturing and fit out done its time to paint apply graphics, and finally fit exterior fittings.