Furi a race car for the future

This is the story of our race car, the Global GT Furi, and how it came about.

With work commitments for many companies fitting our own project in can be difficult. The reality is that the new Furi had less than 30 days, from a 3 strong team to design, CNC machine the body and make Production grade moulds, build a new chassis, engineer all the upgrades and finally test it in the real world.

We are not novices at this, we have invested over many years in testing various options and getting the ones we have to work smoothly and effortlessly to create our product, the Global GT Furi.

Designed - Built - Painted- In 30 days - All under one roof.

  • The Global GT Furi Design Design Cad design, from digitising the chassis to creating the body in 8 hours then we ran Ansys CFD.
  • CNC mould machining at Global GT Ltd CNC Machined The moulds, were CNC machined as individual sections on our milling machine taking 3 days.
  • Production quality moulds Production Moulds From the CNC machined formers we made production moulds in 7 days.
  • The Global GT Light steel chassis Chassis Construction Design included making a set of brackets on our Global Laser-Jig, Chassis number one took 14 hrs.
  • The Global GT Furi front suspension Mechanical Build As a proven design, as a Global GT light, the build of chassis number one took 40 hrs. in total.
  • Fine tuning the set up Mechanical Set-Up After the initial build it was necessary to check over and set up the chassis, 8 Hrs.
  • The first Global GT Furi chassis Let the Body see the Chassis The initial design included all the fitting points, so it was only a case of fitting the fittings and the body was mated to the chassis in 6 hrs., a further 8 hrs. are spent finishing the install.
  • The prototype Global GT Furi Testing Initial dry running tests take place on our own set-up jig. The car was then loaded up and taken to Bruntingthorpe for testing on the circuit.