CAD Design
Solid- Surface

We are trained in Catia V5 for solid modelling and part kinetics. We also use Rhino for Surface modelling and composite lay-up patterns.

Rapid Prototype
Vacuum Moulding

A Stratasys Titan FDM is the mainstay of our RP department. We also have a .75m by .6m Shelly Vacuum Forming Machine.

Laser Scanning
Reverse Engineering

With 3 different systems we can reverse engineer or carry out live measuring of a project for effective design when data is unavailable.

CNC Moulds

We have a 2.5m by 1.25m by .2m CNC milling machining dedicated to mould making. We can make moulds in Epoxy, PU, and foam modelboards.

R.I.M - P.I.M
Resin Infusion

With our specialist knowledge of the vacuum manufacturing processes
we look to design moulds using Resin Infusion processing to ensure good, consistent, strong and light part manufacture.

Vacuum Moulding

Further to the R.I.M technology it was a simple step to low pressure plastic injection and vacuum moulding processes. We blend our own 2 part PU and Epoxy's to make the correct part for the job.


With 14 years specific knowledge of taking CAD design through to CNC mould making to the end product in any composite medium we are one of a few companies that do it all under one roof.

Foams - Rubbers

Complimenting our specialist knowledge in vacuum forming along with Pu and Epoxy chemistry we expanded into making low pressure blown foam parts and more recently rubber parts.


Drawing on over 25 years of design experience in a wide range of disciplines such as Aeronautical, Automotive, Yachting and household appliances, we constantly look at applying technology from differing studies to provide a refreshing angle whilst looking for a solution.


Once the saying was "measure twice cut once". Now the focus is "Research, Research, Research". Information is power. When taking on any new job we always look at the complete project to understand all the requirements and design ethos before focusing on the problem.


The best solution is usually the simplest. A dedicated design team can often suffer with "snow blindness" from the constant pressure in-house. Bringing in a fresh consultant who can think outside the box can clear the bottle neck allowing the team to carry on freely.


Time management is key. Fail to prepare - Prepare to fail. Before getting started we set up a clear timeline with defined milestones. Constantly updating this identifies any potential issues long before the program experiences delays and allows for alternatives to be found.

Global GT Furi - New for 2016

Global GT FURI

After long success with Graham Hathaway the Global GT Lights receive fresh bodywork for 2016.

Along with the new bodywork an 8 round championship which will be introducing a new 3 style race format including premium circuit and race weekends. Classes for standard and modified cars running 2016 bodywork.

The new 2016 Global GT Furi builds on the success of the original Global GT Lights. It keeps the original chassis and mechanical configuration, a race and time proven reliable and safe package, with a all new Avant-Garde bodywork

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Our customers say:

“ Just the company we needed, such a simple fix to Jason's steering column and a RP part to test.”

Grant Clearwater, Seat Sport UK / Northern South

“A fresh approach to the market, a free drive via the V1 Championship, and well thought out family biased trackside.”

Jay Marshal, director V1 Championship.

“no one could have done what you have done in such a short time, you’ve done like a months work in 10 days”

Nick @ Vogue Auto Design.

“Making the impossible, possible”

Paul Covertec solutions, Leicester.